Golden Goddess

Crystal Gunns - Solo Big Tits video
It takes hard work to put together a photo shoot for Crystal Gunns and we made this video to expose that hard work. Some unfortunate souls have to rub gold paint all over Crystal's naked body, paying special attention to her enormous tits and the folds and crevices of her ass and pussy. We know the working conditions these people put up with are terrible! Then they have to continue to touch her up, especially her tits, and the folds and crevices of her ass and pussy while another poor guy tells her to spread and strip and touch all her naughty parts. We don't know what you do for a living, but imagine if you had to do this all day! Whew! It's amazing the kinds of things that people do to earn a decent living nowadays!

Member Comments

2 years ago 
If applying Crystal's make-up and painting her magnificent body isn't the greatest job in the world, then what is??!!
3 years ago 
@Roman Hunter, I can fix that!

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