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When Crystal Gunns first came to our studios, she was a shy and nervous girl with gigantic hooters and a juicy, round ass. She was so nervous that when she used a toy for the first time on set, she couldn't get it to stay in. She said it was because when she was dancing on stage, there were other girls on stage for people to look at, too. But alone in front of the camera, she felt a little bit of stage fright. But after a couple of hours with our incredible studio staff, Crystal was relaxed and shoving huge toys in and out of her perfect cookie like a pro. If only all women were as hard working and accommodating.

Member Comments

3 weeks ago 

Probably the hottest photo set of crystals. She looks so innocent in this outfit before she releases the sexy goddess beneath and just gets dirty and starts masturbating with the dildos. Love her accompanying scene in Busty Dildo Lovers. Would love to be fucking her with my tongue and fingers and dildoing her myself before she begs to be fucked

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