Tits N Tugs!

Do not adjust your monitor. What you are seeing is not a figment of your perverted imagination. Yes, that is Crystal Gunns and her bodacious rack. No, that is not one of her many toys she is so lasciviously rubbing in the love canal that is her cleavage. That is a real cock. And that is Crystal rubbing that real cock in between her jugs. What we all thought would never happen, happened. Crystal agreed to wank and yank a real cock on camera and show off her titty-fucking skills. And she let us make a movie about it, too. Seems like fate smiled down on us. For those of you who wondered what it would be like to slam your cock in Crystal's guns and coat them in man-sauce, here is your moment of glory. Revel in it! Enjoy the hell out of it! Why not? It's not every day that mammary miracles happen. Let us all be grateful!
Featuring: Crystal Gunns
Date: July 6th, 2021
Photos: 76

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Hot Tits! Hot Spunk!

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