About Crystal Gunns

Measurements 42-26-34
Bra Size 36-FF
Height 5' 4"
Weight 130 lbs.
Birthday March 20th

When Crystal Gunns danced in a men's club for the first time, she was 18 years old, on probation from college, short on cash and short on boobs. She had never heard of SCORE magazine, had only seen Playboy in passing and didn't know there was such a thing as big-bust superstars. She wasn't nearly the FF-cupper she is now, and she was...well, a little naive.

"I was in upstate New York attending community college," she said. "I had a girlfriend who had a nice car and money, and I asked her how she got all of it. We were only like 18-19 at the time, and she told me 'I dance.' I was like, 'What do you mean?' The first club I ever went to was The Blue Moon Lounge. She brought me there and I auditioned and danced. I think I made like $30 the whole night, and I was so excited. To me, that was a lot of money." She never could have imagined that, nearly 12 years later, she would be one of the most popular mega-busted models in the world, one of only four women to win both SCORE Newcomer of the Year and SCORE Model of the Year and a feature dancer so popular that her appearances regularly pack clubs.

Not bad for a city girl from The Bronx, New York, who used to get beat up every day by the other students in the all-girl private school she attended. Not bad for a former high-school cheerleader who played many sports (volleyball, basketball and tennis, among others) and never gave a thought to modeling, even when she was house dancing in upstate New York. "And remember," Crystal said, "SCORE turned me down when you saw my test photos for the first time."

That's true, but the Crystal we saw in those test photos (dark and grainy, anything but flattering) were a far cry from the woman who walked into our studio for the first time in 2001 and floored us with her boobs, curvaceous body and, of course, the big, bright smile that SCORE Men would come to love.

"Getting into SCORE was a big thing for me because when I first started, I didn't know how I was going to become popular," Crystal said. "I shot for other photographers, and I knew that getting into SCORE was the big part of the whole thing because that's the magazine big-busted features go into."

Crystal's "in" with SCORE came through Cindy Cupps, another popular SCORE model from The Bronx. Crystal and Cindy became friends through dancing, and Crystal decided to super-size her chest after seeing Cindy's and the effect it had on men.